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  • Every Other Sunday 12:00pm - 2:00pm
  • FREE "Junk Food" Lunch 
    Featuring Gary's "Super Greasy Burgers"
  • Camping all over the Place
  • Two Major Road Trips a Year
  • Dumb Games Galore
  • Super Sloppy Youth Meetings
  • Ages: 5th Grade Through High School
  • Jr. Youth: 2nd-4th Grades
  • Bring your "Best Buds".  We'll trash 'em!
  • Christmas Parties


The children's goup meets every 3rd Sunday of the month. Invite all your friends! Let's get our children involved now so that we can start building our Youth of America! Let's face it, in 4-5 years, our little children will be our youth. The group is led by Lindsey Avery. Lindsey has lots of fun activities planned so come and have fun! We will have movies, bowling, Chucky Cheese, mini golf, a trip to the science center and much, much, more. If you have any suggestions or can help out for an activity, please let Lindsey know!


Check out the Bulletin Board for information
about upcoming events.

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